All platters can be custom ordered.  Orange juice and Chobani yogurts can be provided as well.
SMALL BREAKFAST PLATTER (12 Bagels and two 1/2 lb Tubs Cream Cheese) $19.95
     ADD 6 MUFFINS $17.95
LARGE BREAKFAST PLATTER (18 Bagels, three 1/2 lb Tubs Cream Cheese) $30.95
    ADD 12 MUFFINS $35.95
BREAKFAST SANDWICH PLATTER   (6 sandwiches) $31.95
    Meat: bacon, sausage, ham or taylor ham
    Cheese: american, cheddar, provolone, swiss or muenster
LOX PLATTER (12 Bagels, two 1/2 lb Tubs Cream Cheese, 1 lb Premium Nova Scotia Lox, Capers, Red Onion and Tomato) 59.95
FRESH FRUIT BOWL (serves 8 – 10) $29.95
BOX COFFEE (servers 8-10) $20.95


Sandwiches on platters are made with Boars Head deli meats & cheeses, and/or our homemade chicken, tuna & egg salads. Lunch platters includes Boars Head pickles, chips & condiments.
SMALL LUNCH PLATTER (Assorted 20 Half Sandwiches) $90.95
LARGE LUNCH PLATTER (Assorted 30 Half Sandwiches) $136.95
ADD SOUP CUPS $3.95/ea
HOMEMADE MACARONI SALAD (serves 8 – 10) $16.95
TOSSED GARDEN SALAD (serves 8 – 10) with variety of dressings $24.95


 COOKIE PLATTER (serves 8 -10) $15.95

Serving sizes can be customized to your needs.  We’d be happy to accommodate any other specific requests with 24 hour notice.

**Delivery available for catering orders over $50.00 in Clifton Park ($15 delivery fee).  Orders must be over $100 for outside Clifton Park ($20 -$25 delivery fee).

Please note prices are subject to change.