About Us

No trip to NYC would be complete without schlepping back a bag of bagels, right?
But Chris Naughton and Donna Arini knew there had to be a better way to get great bagels to upstate NY. Back in 2014, these two NYC native bagel lovers opened the bagel shop they’d been dreaming about.
Before doing so, they learned from the masters in the heart of NYC. Training with successful bagel shop owners in the New York City Metropolitan areas, Chris learned the ins and outs of the business while back home, Donna was tweaking and fine-tuning her favorite East Village bagel recipes.
The result: some mighty tasty NYC bagels!
Their bagels are made from scratch every morning using only the freshest ingredients! You will also find all the staples of a NYC bagel shop, including egg sandwiches, cream cheese, coffee, Boars Head products and more!
Their bagel shop in Clifton Park NY has been a huge success and has become a destination for those living and traveling to upstate NY! Chris & Donna moved to Fort Mill in 2020 & are super excited to be bringing West End Bagels to the area and serving their fellow South Carolinians!
Stop by and taste for yourself.
West End Bagels is an Owner Operated Business – come by and say hi to Chris and Donna!